8 Alaskan facts to impress your friends!

I recently travelled to Alaska and during my visit I learned some random interesting facts that will  impress you, your friends or help you win the next trivia game.  

  1. There is more coastline in Alaska than the entire lower 48 contiguous states.  
  2. In Barrow the only US high school football team north of the Arctic Circle has added a regulation for a mandatory timeout when a polar bear appears on or near the field.
  3. “Eskimo” is an offensive term for Alaskan Native people as it was associated with individuals who eat raw meat.  In 2016 Congress removed it from reference terms when referring to minorities. 
  4. Flight is an every day mode of transportation with 1 in 10 residents currently holds a pilot license! 
  5. Enjoy summer solstice with a Midnight sun baseball game.  It has been a tradition for over 100 years to take advantage of daylight that shines on through the night.  
  6. WW2 battles were fought on Alaskan soil and Japanese occupied land for nearly 1 year. 
  7. Alaska is massive with over 663,000 miles which can fit the equialivent of Texas, California and Montana combined.  While Texas logo maybe “Don’t mess with Texas”; Alaska responds with “Isn’t Texas cute?”.  
  8. Anchorage boasts the largest and busiest seaplane airport in the world

Seek your adventure!

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  • October 14, 2017 at 11:49

    Enjoyed fun facts about Alaska, Thank You for sharing.


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