Hello all.  Greetings from Chicago!   I hope that you are enjoying my independent personal travel experiences.   All images you will find on the sight are from my personal collection unless otherwise stated.  For many years family and friends have asked for travel stories that just don’t get captured in the Facebook posts or brief emails on the road.  I am self-certified ongoing illness called “travel addiction”.  I was fortunately in my life to spend 4 years working just outside of London which allowed be the ability to travel most of Europe on the weekends.  In the 4 years abroad I saw many sights in UK, Europe and Africa completing 112 trips; not including trips home to USA.

Travel is an addiction.  There is no cure but there is treatment…plan your next trip!

I have returned to the USA but know that I MUST have at least one international adventure a year.   I personally find having 1 to 2 trips booked in advance for the coming 6 to 9 months will be enough motivation to keep me going.  I have to know there is another trip coming soon!   My travel wish list is basically everywhere but given time and funds are limited my general strategy is “one and done” with a few exceptions.


My travel philosophy is rather simple. Treat everyone and everyplace with respect!  You are the guest.

“There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign”

– Robert Louis Stevenson