Remember me! Got questions?

First my apologies for the several months gap in no new posts.  I have been on a whirlwind tour of the heart that abruptly ended and took the wind out of my sails.  However the open road calls as my passion for travel continues as I prepare for an upcoming trip to Alaska.  

This week One Girl Who Travels is celebrating our 2nd birthday!  I am happy to share with you that @1girlwhotravels has over 6200 followers on Twitter and growing daily with followers across the globe!   

I hope that you have enjoyed the 60+ blog posts, 90+ #TravelTuesday photos, 2 YouTube videos, 270+ tweets and 200+ FaceBook posts.  Once I return from Alaska I will have hot off the press savvy travel tips for you.    Please share your feedback on what travel topics you are interested in hearing about.  What travel questions are you curious about?  Don’t be bashful just email me at

I have a long list of  blog post ideas and would love your thoughts on what you are most interested in hearing about.  Here is the list of future blog topic ideas:

  1. Hong Kong highlights
  2. Cebu Philippines highlights
  3. Alaska highlights
  4. Favorite airports
  5. Where is the 747 going?
  6. My top 5 favorite places
  7. How to shop on vacation and still carry on luggage?
  8. America’s biggest vacation crime
  9. Terrorist attacks: Should you cancel your trip?
  10. Fishing with piranhas
  11. How to maximize flight schedule changes?
  12. What happens when you are stranded in Europe?
  13. Travel gift ideas
  14. Wifi solutions for international travel
  15. Survival kit for visiting a developing country
  16. What to look for in tour companies? 
  17. Preparing for Machu Picchu 
  18. Do you hate to fly?
  19. Should you get an international SIM card?
  20. Where can you fly an A-380?

Seek your adventure! 

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