The 5 tantalizing sensations of Quebec City


You can have the perfect European vacation without the long flight or expensive plane ticket right here in North America.  It is true!  Quebec City, Canada has a multitude of alluring options to entice all of your senses yet leave you wanting more.

See: Historic District of Old Quebec City was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985.  The architecture is stunning and you will be instantly charmed by it’s beauty.

Touch: The “pitter patter” feeling while walking the old cobbled streets will have you reminiscing of any European vacation taken or future wish list.

Hear: Parlez-vous fran├žais? You can practice your French!  Or at least be immersed in a world where French is the primary spoken language.  Nobody panic…everyone is bilingual in French and English.


Taste: There are many restaurants where French influenced food is available.  The most common is the classic French crepes with a little side of Canadian maple syrup to P5280059remind you that you are  not in Paris.

Smell:  There are several cafes and bakeries in Old Quebec City so the scent of fresh bread and baked goods seems to waft through the air in every direction.  Pair that with a nice cafe au lait and you have yourself a true delight.




Quebec City is so quaint and charming that you simply want to embrace it!

Seek your adventure!


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