Pill packing technique

IMG_6739Well friends,  I am guessing that most of us over the age of 25 have daily medications that you take even if that might only be vitamins. For many years I had been traveling with the 7 day pill organizer which worked perfect for short trips.   However for longer trips I would load up the 7 day pill pack then carry extra medicine to refill at some point during the trip.  UGH!  Who wants to be spending precious vacation time in a hotel room reloading pill organizers?

So I got creative and got super organized!  I now fill a teeny tiny plastic bag for each day with any pills that I need to take; which makes them very transportable to take anywhere including the airplane.  You can even find teeny tiny plastic bags with different designs if you need to keep morning and evening medications separated.   I previously carried a small bottle of aspirin, Alleve, Tylenol, etc when I travelled or even on a daily basis in my purse.   I have even replaced that small bottle with these teeny tiny plastic bags to save space.

I have found that these teeny tiny plastic bags can be recycled to be utilized for many other purposes:

  • SD card or SIM card
  • hair ties
  • stamps
  • foreign coins
  • little sea shells
  • hydration tablets

Please remember that medications should always be packed in your carry-on luggage!

Seek your adventure!

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