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IMG_7343This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting on my old college roommates for a weekend visit.  I love having visitors as it is always a good reminder to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.   Every town regardless of how big or small has something unique to offer that is worth a visit.  Trust me I grew up in a very small town yet we always managed to entertain our visitors.

So when you are leaving the O’Hare airport you can find several signs that say “Welcome to Chicago.  We are glad you are here”.   You could feel the midwestern love embracing you to hit the town.   While my visitor has been to Chicago before there is also something you might have missed or new exhibit to check out.

We found just the perfect thing for a Saturday afternoon.  A classic The Field Museum which had just opened a special exhibit a few weeks ago on China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors.  It was spectacular!  Although be warned; you might leave the museum anxious to book that flight to China you have been dreaming about.

IMG_7282                IMG_7296           IMG_7310


We had a lovely sunset cocktail at the John Hancock 96th floor lounge with a stunning view of the city and  of course dinner with the traditional Chicago deep dish pizza at Gino’s East.

It was a perfect itinerary for our day and all of the places we visited were amazing.  Yet all destinations had a common problem.   Waiting in long lines!   We waited for over 2.5 hours in total on Saturday; regardless of our advance planning to pre-order museum tickets and establish dinner reservations.   Chicago disappointed me with it’s inability to accommodate basic tourism obligations.  Come on Chicago get yourself together and show the world who you truly are…you are better than that!  After all; you are my kind of town Chicago.

Seek your adventure!

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