Destination = Surprise me?

Alright folks I have a surprise for you.  We all know that there are travel companies that specialize in planning your vacation just for you.  Wait there is a new trend on the rise.  You provide details on travel dates, duration, type of trip, budget  and interests.  The travel company will choose your destination to include booking your flights and accommodations.  This all sounds familiar but did you catch the part that is missing.  They choose the destination and do not tell you where you will be going!  It will be a total surprise until the day you leave!

IMG_3902This appears to be a new option trending in the travel industry.   As we recently discussed in the last few weeks it takes some effort to determine your location and sketch out an itinerary.   Then of course once you have your destination you need to consider all the detailed plans before you take off for your dream trip.  Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else do all the work?

From reviewing most of the companies that offer these packages you will be provided the weather forecast 1 week prior to your trip so that you can pack appropriately.  However you need to wait until the day of departure and sometimes wait until when standing at the check in to find out your destination.

It sounds so exciting!

pack up + go is a US based company that seems to have become very popular with such high volumes that they are no longer accepting April 2016 departure applications.   Wow!

Magical Mystery tours is another US based company that has been featured in many major publications. offers various packages but unfortunately you need to start your trip from Amsterdam Schiphol airport so target audience is currently European clients.

Brown & Hudson is a company based in London that specializes in luxury travel.


I am having mixed emotions on if I personally would try this out.  I truly enjoy the planning process for any trip but I also love a good surprise.  Or I could just spin the globe?

Would you consider a surprise destination vacation?  Reply with your comments or email me at

Seek your adventure!

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