Why you should consider TSA Precheck?

Raise your hand if you enjoy standing in endless long lines?  Do you enjoy taking your shoes off at the airport?  or your belt? or your light jacket?  or sweater?  Or pulling out your bag of liquid items?


Which line do you want to be in?                                                Photo from: curridiculum.blogspot.com

Most people would respond NO to all of the above questions.  So if you don’t enjoy doing all of those things, then why don’t you change that and take control over your travel experience to make it a little more enjoyable?

Do you know how much TSA Precheck costs?  Only $85 for 5 years.  Let’s do some math here.  Say you only travel 3 times a year and assuming all your trips include TSA Precheck airports this will cost you $2.83 per flight.  I spend more than that on my morning latte and I don’t have to wait in a long line or take of my shoes!

For an extra $15 for the 5 years you can get Global Entry and avoid filling out the blue customs form every time you return to the USA.  You simply fill out an electronic form and walk right past the immigration agent no questions asked.

Even if you travel internationally once a year I would  apply for Global Entry which includes TSA Precheck.

Did you know that your airline status or specific credit card offers will pay your Global Entry fee? Google it.

Join me in the TSA Precheck line so you can fast forward through security to get on with your journey and perhaps a preflight cocktail.

Seek your adventure!

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