What are UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

When planning a trip I review the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for inspiration on possible itinerary ideas. While not everything on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list is of interest to me I do find that any place I visit from the UNESCO list is never a disappointment.  I have a particular fascination with historic old city centers.  A few examples of historic city centers on the list include Quebec Canada, Prague Czech Republic, Tallin Estonia, or Sienna Italy.

Voronet Monastery Romania

There is a rigorous process for items to be qualified and reviewed while the list continues to grow.  However there are some places that are at risk to continue in existence.

Many travellers attempt to visit all of the heritage sites and there are some great blogs dedicated to UNESCO sites.   For those of you travellers looking for an app to remember all the amazing UNESCO places you have been this one is easy and free.

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Free wrinkle removal

2015 Cordoba Spain – Festival de los patios  parade participant

I have a confession to make; I hate to iron.   I know my local dry cleaners will get my clothes pressed to perfection and why would I want to compete with that.   I do not iron at home so there is no way that I am going to iron my clothes while I am on vacation.    When I am packing I try to bring clothes that are wrinkle-free so that I do not have to worry.

However there are a few occasions when you may need to travel with dress clothes perhaps a business trip, a wedding, or even a night on the town.   In last week’s post I shared my strategy for how to avoid wrinkles with good packing solution.   Yet now you have arrived and the worst has happened….the dreaded wrinkles.  UGH!

What is a girl to do?

My secret answer is simple and does not cost you anything.  Take the dress clothes into the bathroom and hang them on a hook somewhere while you are in the shower so the wrinkles are naturally steamed out.  I have on occasion been known to run the water a little longer if necessary.  I realize of course this may not be the best solution environmentally but I am obsessive about minimizing unnecessary water usage at home; so 1-2 times a year to steam my clothes I think we are even.

In the event that this solution did not work there is always the hotel laundry service or the local dry cleaners down the street.

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How to pack a business suit or dress

How to pack a business suit or dress


This past week I travelled for business to Las Vegas.  Yes really, I was working!   I was a guest speaker at a conference.   I travelled with business suit attire so I could dress the part.  You know I absolutely adore the packing cubes for keeping my suitcase organized.  However a business suit does not lend itself to arriving wrinkle free when you utilize a packing cube.  This requires a different strategy.  Are you ready?

Place your business clothes or dress on plastic hangers.  Then recycle that plastic garment bag from the dry cleaners by placing the bag over your clothes.  I use an inexpensive garment bag that I bought years ago from Ikea.  You may have something similar at home; perhaps the garment bag you received from a shop when you purchased a suit.  Here is another option for that you could purchase from ebags.com.


Now I wait until the very last moment to put the business clothes into the suitcase before heading to the airport.  It depends on the size of the garments; however I typically fold the garment bag gently into a trifold and place in the suitcase on top before closing.   Immediately upon arrival at the hotel I  open the suitcase and hang the business clothes!

IMG_7532                  IMG_7527

One alternative here would be to wear the clothes on the flight however given all the accidentally spills I have witnessed on flights I avoid that option.

In the event your clothes arrived with a few wrinkles I will disclose my secret to easily removing wrinkles without an iron in next weeks post.

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#1 tech gear organizer

You may already know of my love for packing cubes  that are perfect for holding items within your suitcase and carry on.  Well let’s take this one step further.  What if there was a custom packing cube just for all your cords, chargers and general tech stuff.  Say what?

IMG_7404My dream has come true!  Introducing the new addition to my suitcase….Eagle Creek ETools Organizer!

It is simply divine. It is durable yet petite in size 10.6 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches and will fit perfectly into my carry on.  It has a great handle to grab on the go.  I only wish it came in a variety of colors to help me quickly identify it in my bag.  It is a little on the pricey side for a packing cube but worth the price as I was tired of my cords roaming around freely in packing cubes.



Check it out and for anyone who travels with phone, laptop, camera, iPad etc this is a must have item.     Unless of course,  you enjoy emptying your suitcase contents on the airport lounge floor digging for that one cord you need.  Yes I saw you!

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