Fasten your seatbelt for new American Airlines boarding process!

Starting next week on 1st March, American Airlines will begin a new “simplified” boarding process.  The protocol is very easy: everyone is assigned a group number and there are two boarding lanes.  The two lanes are defined as  Priority Boarding and Main Boarding lane.  Group numbers assignments will now include First Class, Business Class, active duty U.S. military, and higher tier status with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines,  or one world®. 

I am greatly looking forward to no longer hearing the boarding process drone on with, “Now boarding Executive Platinum, oneworld® Emerald,  Platinum, oneworld® Sapphire, Gold, oneworld® Ruby and so on”. 

The overall goal I understand is to reduce overall boarding time which could potentially work for the majority of travelers with a few protocols.  However, I think there could be a few outstanding gaps:

  •  Will boarding group will be clearly marked on the boarding pass?
  • What happened to the courtesy early boarding groups of “passengers travelling with small children” or “passengers needing extra time or assistance”?
  • How closely will carryon luggage be monitored in an effort to help speed up boarding time?


I like the concept, but “simplified” boarding seems perhaps a little bit too good to be true.  Let’s be honest with ourselves – this is all highly dependent on passenger compliance.  But I still look forward to the new process.  Bring it on!

Seek your adventure!

Pack your bags: Highlights from the New York Times Travel Show

As a fellow traveler, what better way to kick off the New Year, and celebrated Chinese New Year, than with a fabulous trip to the New York Times Travel Show! Inspiration filled the exhibit hall and the seminar rooms were packed to hear from the industry experts.

Top 5 destinations to consider for your 2017 travel plans:

1. Waldorf Astoria New York: Go right now before they close on 1st March! We were fortunate to spend the weekend in the historical luxury accommodations. The renovations are anticipated to take 2-3 years and will be predominately turned into condos. Treat yourself to an overnight stay, historical tour, or perhaps a Bellini at the bar.

2. Paris: Since the attacks in November 2015 tourism is down drastically with the ability to enjoy sites without crowds. You can easily  secure dinner reservations at top tier restaurants and enjoy lower hotel prices. Even better news for US travelers is the dollar is currently very strong against the euro.  Frank Sinatra said it best in his famous hit “I love Paris“.  So what are you waiting for!

3. Montreal: Well, if Paris is simply too far, consider its little sister. Montreal is your Parisian weekend getaway for anyone in North America. Once again the U.S. Dollar is strong against the Canadian dollar so great time to go. Oh and did I mention that Montreal is celebrating 375 years?  As the birthplace of Cirque de Soleil there is no doubt you will definitely be entertained with festival events.

4. Haida Gwai: Another option to take advantage of the low Canadian dollar is the hidden location of Haida Gwai. It was been nicknamed the “Candian Galápagos'” given all the engandered species living locally. 

5. Karasjok Norway: one of the best places to witness the infamous northern lights. Every 10 years the lights increase in intensity and 2017/18 is on schedule to become amazing. Plan your travels for September thru mid-April 2018 and get ready to enjoy the night sky. 


                                           Seek your adventure!