5 Safe road trip reminders

Many of us will be taking to the roads this holiday season and while most of my focus is on flights or trains here are a few reminders.

  1. Be sure to stay hydrated and always bring a bottle of water.
  2. Take a break every few hours just to get out of the car and walk around for 5 minutes.
  3. Check the weather and plan accordingly.  Don’t be afraid to pull over for wait out a storm and take a coffee break.
  4. Pack a blanket and matches in your trunk.  In the event you end up stranded in the car on a cold winter night you will be glad you have it.
  5. Never text and drive.  It can wait.
    Nov 2014: Bali

As my parents tell me every time  I prepare for a road trip “Just remember greasy side down and shiny side up” .  Safe travels to you and yours this holiday season.

Seek your adventure!


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